Quick, easy, and secure mobile payments - for free with Lydia.


Lydia is our payments partner for the year: you can use the Lydia app to pay for all JCR events - starting with the Freshers Weekend!


With the free Lydia app, transfer money securely to friends and pay the JCR, clubs, and societies in seconds. When paying friends and family, it doesn’t matter who they bank with - you only need their phone number.


Use Lydia to:

  • Split a taxi ride home

  • Book a ticket for a JCR event. 

  • Pay for rounds at the club.

  • Get housemates to pay you back for pizza, bills, and more! 

No more messing about with bank transfers, or counting change to settle up. It takes under a minute to set up your account:


1. Download the Lydia app from the App Store or Google Play Store

2. Create your account

3. Add your credit or debit card - this data is all encrypted

4. That's it - you're good to go!


Throughout the year there will be special deals and offers to those who purchase their JCR tickets through Lydia, so for the money-conscious student it will definitely be worthwhile downloading!

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