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What is the JCR?


When you move into Trinity Hall, you automatically join one of the most active societies on campus - the JCR (Junior Common Room).

There are eleven of us who are your JCR committee for the next year - we are second year students who were elected by our fellow Hall residents in April 2022. We are here to make sure you are all happy and having the time of your lives in Trinity Hall! We each have specific roles, but together we will be organising some of the most incredible events over the course of your first year and we'll be running a number of clubs and classes too.

Not only this, but we are here for anything that you may need - whether you're feeling homesick and need someone to chat to, or you need some help getting in touch with a certain society on campus, the eleven of us are here to make the transition to college as smooth as possible and your first year as amazing as it should be!

You will get to know us all as the weeks go on - we can't wait to meet you!

A Welcoming Message From Teni Shittu -  JCR President 2022/23

Warmest of welcomes to Trinity Hall

Each and every one of you have worked extremely hard and overcome god knows what obstacles to get here and for that I’m so proud of all of you and a big congratulations is in order!

Leaving school life behind and starting college comes with a mix of a whole lot of different emotions, from most of you living on your own for the first time, to being a new city and starting a completely new academic path. Regardless, you’re bound to make some of the most amazing memories (the biggest tip I can tell you is get a film camera, you won’t regret it).

To help you ease into this big transition, The Junior Common Room (JCR) acts as a student society to make your first year experience the best it can be and from the minute you walk through the gates, you yourself are a part of the JCR. From musicals to unbelievable nights out, our aim as the committee is to help you settle into the lively atmosphere of halls. As JCR President, I work alongside 10 other committee members to try and enhance your experience in halls as much as we can and give you a few tips and tricks along the way (namely how to show up to your 9 am seminar hungover and still semi-functioning). I promise we don’t bite and we’ve all been in your shoes last year, so feel free to give any of us a text or if you see us walking around to ask us a question, whether you want some advice or just a chat, we’re here for all of you. At the end of the day we’re all college students who don’t exactly know what we’re doing 100% of the time so we’re all in this together.

The JCR work with the fabulous Welfare Team, who’s job is to make sure that you feel as comfortable and cared for as possible, if it’s figuring out how to balance your social and academic life, needing someone to chat to, or just trying to find a new way to make friends, your wonderful Welfare Team is there for you.

Now to myself,  El Presidente if you will, and a bit about me. I’m studying Law (I promise it isn’t about 40% of my personality), I’m from Offaly and I volunteer with the European Youth Parliament (promise this isn’t the other 60%). Apart from all that stuff I love a good night out, music, walks and taking pictures of literally everything (will not shut up about the film camera thing). With that, let me introduce you to the rest of the amazing committee……

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