What is the JCR?


When you move into Trinity Hall, you are automatically part of one of the most active societies on campus - the JCR (Junior Common Room).

There are eleven of us who are your JCR committee for the next year - we are second year students who were elected by our fellow Hall residents in April 2021. We are here to make sure you are all happy and having the time of your lives in Trinity Hall! We each have specific roles, but together we will be organising some of the most incredible events over the course of your first year here and we'll be running a number of clubs and classes too.

Not only this, but we are here for anything that you may need - whether you're feeling homesick and need someone to chat to, or you need some help getting in touch with a certain society on campus, the eleven of us are here to make the transition to college as smooth as possible and your first year as amazing as it should be!

You will get to know us all as the weeks go on - we can't wait to meet you!

A Welcoming Message From Eva Craig -  JCR President 2021/22

Welcome to Halls! I’m Eva Craig and this year I will be your JCR president! We know the

past year has been a tough one; it has hit each of us differently and we have done great work

to adapt. Now, we are reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. This September you get to

be a part of the Halls community arising from the pandemic. Buckle your seatbelts, this year

is going to be one crazy ride.

You might not know me yet, but you’ll soon see me around Halls (where you can only call

me Madame Princess President). You will soon get to know the JCR team, a student-run

organisation which was created for you to feel secure, supported and make fun events for

everybody. You will also soon make many friends among our strong community of 800

students. It can be challenging to leave the nest and come into the Big Smoke (Dublin). Our

main priority is to help you settle in and enjoy the experience. Halls isn’t just any old student

accommodation, it is really and truly one big diverse family.

Now a bit about me: I am studying BESS, like everybody else in Trinity. I have surfed in

from sunny (actually seriously rainy) Sligo, (where’s that?) in the depths of the West of

Ireland. I’m your president and this means my main role is to boss everyone else around

while attending all of the social events and having the time of my life *jokes*. The main

objective of the JCR is that YOU are having the best time possible in Halls. We are here to

help you with anything whether it’s needing a shoulder to cry on or somebody to play frisbee

with in the JCR garden. For real though, our DMs are always open and we are all more than

happy to chat! We are here to make sure you are comfortable and happy, enjoying whatever

your thing may be, from crazy nights out to wholesome nights in (and everything in


If that’s not enough for you, we also have the amazing welfare team who are here to make

sure that on nights out you are kept safe. They also are an extra support who are always

available for a chat or a helping hand in any situation you are in *yay more friends.*

Keep your eyes and ears open to find out about all of our exciting events. You will see all of

these updates on our @trinityhalljcr social media pages and our website.

My key message to you is to make every second count. Get involved and participate in any

events that excite or interest you. Put yourself out there, you won’t regret it. The second you

walk out of Halls you’re going to miss it, so embrace it. Let’s make some memories we will

never forget and some friends for life <3.

Without further ado, meet the rest of the JCR 2021/22 crew. We can’t wait to meet you, we

will be at all the Halls events. Please say hi (we don’t bite).