Trinity Hall (Dublin) Junior Common Room (JCR) aims to create a vibrant atmosphere within the Trinity Hall Campus through event organisation and the provision of student-directed services. We aim to represent Halls students’ needs within College, Halls & the Rathmines area and to make Trinity Hall a more enjoyable place to live for all residents.


On this website you will find information about life at halls, moving to halls and who is here to help make your year at Hall the best year possible.

Your JCR loves you <3

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What times does Smiles open at?.. What do I do if I'm feeling homesick?.. Which member of the JCR is the best looking?.. Can I have an overnight guest?.. Why is my WiFi not working?..

You got questions? We got answers. 

You can find the JCR all over the interwebs.

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Trinity Hall JCR

Trinity Hall Residents 2020/21



Trinity Hall JCR


You can get in touch with us via email...

President Alex Clark:

VP Vasmin Friel:​​

Trinity Hall is located on Dartry Road, Dartry.