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The JCR love to collaborate with Societies. Any society can host an event in Hall or in collaboration with the JCR (just give our Facebook page a message with your event suggestion). When hosting an event in Halls you are more than welcome to advertise the event on our Facebook page. You may also put up posters in communal areas (reception/Oldham noticeboard). You may not place posters in House doorways without permission from the President.


We are aware that often societies want to advertise their non-Hall events on our Facebook page, as it allows communication with a lot of first years. To post a non-Hall event you must contact a member of the JCR with a draft of the post you wish to share. They will then let you know if it is good to post.


With regards to distributing flier into apartments, you must also contact the President to seek approval. There will also be a small fee for this. 

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