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To raise awareness for Men's Mental Health we have organised a bunch of challenges for the boys on the Welfare Team and JCR to do when you donate to Movember


Meet John Garvey - Welfare Officer 2022/23
My name is John. I am an English and History student from County Mayo and I am this year’s Welfare Officer. My job, alongside my lovely Welfare Team (or my ‘Welfairies’ as I like to call them), is to be there to offer help with any problems or challenges you may face during your time in Trinity Hall. The first year of college is such an exciting time. It means independence, freedom, and a fresh start full of a whole lot of new people to meet. However, like anything in life, it can come with its challenges. But fear not! My Welfare Team and I are trained to offer help with any issues, big or small, that you may find yourselves struggling with this year. Whether it’s homesickness, exam stress, break-ups, flatmate troubles, or anything more or less serious we are here to help, so please do not hesitate to reach out. Every House has its own Welfare Team member assigned to it, who you can chat to about literally anything! I promise you they are all super friendly and happy to help with anything. I hold office hours every week if you need to chat about anything. I make a cracking cup of tea and am more than willing to listen. It is, however, unlikely that you will only face a problem during this two-hour period so if you are feeling down, need a chat, or have a problem you can contact me at my email ( or through my Instagram (Username: johngarvey_). I would also definitely recommend following the Halls Welfare dedicated Instagram page (Username: trinityhalljcr.welfare It is where you can get welfare-related information on a variety of topics like sexual health, mental health, and just general college welfare-related information. It is also a way to get to know and get in contact with your welfare team easily and stay up to date on welfare events happening in halls.
If you are struggling at any point in the year please do not hesitate to reach out. Hope You all settle in well and have a great year!

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