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Every year, in the Hilary Term, the JCR elections are held. There are two ways to secure a place on the JCR.


Firstly, by democratic election for the role of President, Treasurer/Vice President, Secretary, Welfare Officer, Sports Officer, Music Officer Entertainments Officer or International Officer. Secondly, by interview process for the role of Communications and Marketing Officer, Publications Officer or Technical Officer. 

Those running for President, Treasurer/Vice President, Welfare Officer or International Officer will also undergo an interview before they are allowed to run. Furthermore, every candidate running for election must prepare a manifesto which outlines their experience and ability for their chosen position. Publications and Communications and Marketing candidates must also put forward examples of previous design work, the specifics of which will be decided by the Officer.

Being a part of the JCR Committee is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so keep an eye on our Facebook page during Hilary Term for the beginning of the week-long election period.


How to run for JCR

Step 1 "What Role?"

Check out the officer role descriptions in the google drive or in the canteen! Have a read of them and decide what role you want to run for. You can also reach out to any of the current officers to hear about it first-hand.


Step 2 "Your Manifesto"

This is a document which outlines your experience, ability and, most importantly, what you want to do if elected. This should be no more than 2 pages and can be either textual or graphically designed if you wish.  

You will be asked about your manifesto at Hustings and any interviews you may have

If you’re in need of inspiration, the google drive has examples of current and past JCR Manifestos !

Step 3 "Declaration of Running"

ALL candidates must send the president an email on Stating their declaration of running which must include the following:

  1. What position you are running for

  2. Attach their manifesto

  3. Attach a photo of yourself

This must be sent by 5pm on Wednesday 24th March!


Step 4 "Campaigning"

Read the Campaigning Rules & JCR Constitution in the google drive !

You may start putting together your team and videos but remember, you cannot begin campaigning until the 6th April.


You must submit a portfolio of design work to be considered for this position.
Examples of this can be found in the google drive in this email but please do not feel as though you need to submit the same amount as seen here- very much quality over quantity!
Graphics do not need to be JCR-related- please feel free to share whatever design work you think shows off your skills best!
Please email your portfolio as a google drive folder to no later than 5 pm Friday 2nd April.
If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our publications on the same email as above! 


If you have any questions about the election process, please shoot our president an email at

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