When you arrive in Trinity Hall you will notice that Hall is not in Dublin city centre. So, you're going to have to start thinking about how you're going to get to college everyday. Luckily for you, we've broken down all your options so you can chose the method of transport that suits you and your schedule best!

By Foot

The easiest way to walk to the main TCD campus is through Rathmines. This option is environmentally friendly and is good for your body and mind.

COST: Free

TIME: 52 minutes

By Bus

The Dublin Bus 140 route will take you to Dame Street which is a 2 minute walk to Trinity. The 140 stop is located right beside Trinity Hall (less than 1 minute away). Go outside the main gate, turn right and at the traffic lights, turn right again. You will see the bus stop approximately 100m away on your left-hand side. We recommend downloading the Dublin Bus app, as the bus normally arrives every 20 minutes but this can vary.

COST: Tickets are €3 one way (you must have the exact change - NO CHANGE IS GIVEN). If you pay by Leap Card a single journey is €2.25.

TIME: This varies a lot depending on traffic. Normally, 30 minutes will get you to the city centre, however at busy times it can take 40/50.

By Bike

Dublin is great for cycling (it's not as rainy as other parts of Ireland). Trinity Hall has many bike stands for your use.There is a bike shop in Rathmines for repairs and safety equipment. If you need help finding the quickest and safest route to college ask our Sports Officer, Jaime.

COST: You can get cheap bikes in Dublin for 100-200. However, bike theft is very common (in the city centre and at Trinity Hall) so D-locks are recommended.

TIME: 20 minutes

By Taxi

Taxis can come in handy when you're in a rush or coming home from a night out. We recommend you always use an app to order your taxi (mytaxi or Uber). This allows you to have complete information on your taxi driver and receipt of payment. Taxis normally cost €12-15, which isn't a lot if you are sharing with a few friends. Getting a taxi to the airport will cost €25-35 and take 40 minutes. AirCoach is a good alternative to taxis (www.aircoach.ie).

COST: €12-15

TIME: 20 minutes (traffic dependent)

By Tram

The LUAS is Dublin's tram line. It runs frequently (normally there is a LUAS every 5 minutes) and goes directly to Dawson (2 minutes away from Trinity). The walk to the Milltown stop takes 7 minutes from Halls. To reach the LUAS stop go out the small white side gate and turn left onto Temple Road - at the end of Temple Road, turn right and you will see the Milltown LUAS stop on your left-hand side. The LUAS is reliable and fast. However, it can be very busy between 8am and 9.30am so it can be hard to squeeze onto a carriage at this time. An immediate penalty of €45 is issued to anyone without a valid ticket on the LUAS.

COST: €2.20 one way without the leap card. Weekly tickets are €15. Monthly tickets are €52.

TIME: 30 minutes

No matter what way you're planning on travelling around Dublin, we recommend getting a Student Leap Card ASAP! If you are under 19 when you come to college you qualify for a child leap card - which will mean every journey will cost you only 90c.