The Green Pages is a 'go to' website for all things environmental. is the recycling page, which is the best starting point for students, and once there you can find their way to other pages, to satisfy yourcuriosity!

The Green Campus Committee meets monthly and welcomes students and staff to their meetings:

While this webpage may seem out of date, the pages are currently being updated so keep an eye out for that!


Anyone can attend, to field a question/ collaborate on an event/ project/ activity, etc. This is a great space to meet with staff from various offices on campus, including the Estates and Facilities office.

The Environmental Society ('EnviroSoc') can be contacted here:


They are very active and were involved in the successful Divestment from Fossil Fuels campaign.
The Facebook page for the TCD EnviroSoc is

Remember you can also join the Halls Environmental Team - check out our Clubs & Groups page for more info, or contact Tate at