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The Boom is Back!

Hello my wonderful Halls Residents and welcome to the illustrious JCR blog.

Wouldn't it be amazing if the people of Halls had their very own creative writing outlet where they could voice all of their thoughts and opinions about life in the red-brick courtyards and the exciting ways they spend their time in the big shmoke? Look no further, the JCR blog is here for you!

Although dormant for a number of years, along with the boom, the JCR blog is well and truly back (and ready for a party)! As we come out of our Covid Cocoons and into the glorious neon lights of dance floors around the city, we are using our drunken mistakes as fuel for our creative fires and getting back to writing about all things Halls.

Do you have a knack for trend-spotting and want to help your fellow residents pick the perfect fit for the arts block fashion parade? Are you obsessed with film and have opinions on every single artistic choice that was made in the Scooby-Doo movie? Have you got a hot take on which building in halls has the best tap water? (Although let's be honest I think all of them take an L there). No matter what you have to say or how you want to say it, this is your time and place to shine! If you want to write anonymously or bask in the glory of being a BNIH (Big name in Halls, Yes I did just make that up) send your pieces my way and let’s talk about what you want to talk about. If you’re struggling for creative inspiration send me an email anyway and I will give you a fresh and funky prompt. Photos, drawings, writing, film, creative dance, we want all of it!

Send me an email at if this sounds like a party you want to be at. If emails are too formal for you, you can reach me on facebook messenger (Laura Brady) or Instagram DM’s (@llaurabrady). What are you waiting for, get on the metaphorical dance floor and let’s party!!!

Lots of love,

Your publications officer,

Laura <33

PS. The party is the JCR blog


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