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A Week of Welfare


Plan your week!

The best advice at the start of the week is to be productive to try and feel accomplished by the weekend. Use pen and paper or Google Calendar, whatever you prefer, to plan your week. Start as you mean to go on! Use your strengths to your advantage; when are you the most productive? Plan your work around those times. What tasks should take priority? Think ahead; if you have deadlines, put them in your calendar a few days in advance to prevent last minute panics. No work gets done when you’re under too much pressure. Colour co-ordinate your modules, extra- curriculars, study-time, etc. Make everything quick and easy for you to spot. Remember to leave time to do something you enjoy, whether it is going to a JCR event, reading, or just spending time you’re your friends. Work towards something that interests you!

Illustration: Jack Smyth


After all that planning, breathe!

BREATHE IN - Pretend you are smelling a flower.

BREATHE OUT - Pretend you are blowing a leaf.

Illustration: Jack Smyth
Illustration: Jack Smyth


Read something new for an hour or two to unwind; whether it be a magazine, a book or a blog - just stay away from text books and articles for a while!


Blog: ‘Mindfulness Blog’.

Book: ‘The One,’ by John Marrs.


Listen to some positive and uplifting music!

Spotify Playlist: ‘Have A Great Day!’

Music Blog: Jack Jones at


The week is nearly over, take a break.

Colour in this mandala drawing.


What happened today? Anything interesting or annoying? Write it down.

Not only does this allow thoughts to escape your head, but it helps to clear your mind too. Whether it’s good or bad, at least your thoughts will be in order. Even if they still make no sense, it provides for an interesting read for the future, trust me!


Exercise. Get outside and be in the fresh air! It doesn’t have to be vigorous exercise, just something to clear your head after that busy week and set you up for the next; whether it be a walk, yoga or running, any exercise is good for you! If you are in halls, don’t forget about the ‘Wellness Walk’ on a Sunday, it’s a great way to meet new people and get out of the flat!

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